Outback Worx is World Class

The Best Steel

We use the best and most advanced materials. Tool steels manufactured by Bohler ( Germany )and Crucible Industries ( USA ) are our preferred choice. At the moment we use CPM 35v , Bohler D2 , 1095, and soon for our future projects is CPM 3v.


We incorporate the use of advanced technology and machinery in our products. The use of Computer Aid Design / Computer Aid Manufacturing allows to achieve greater accuracy and efficiency in our manufacturing processes.

Vacuum Heat Treatment Technology

By subjecting the metal parts to precisely controlled temperatures in a non-contaminating vacuum environment, the parts can be hardened, heat treated, tempered, or annealed to achieve their required hardness, mechanical properties or ductility, with bright and clean surfaces.


The OutbackWorX Roo Bottle Opener is now available for your EDC gear collection or would make a lovely durable gift for the right person.  Made from 5mm thick 316 stainless steel and has a limited run  of 50pcs only.
These cute kangaroos will fit on your keychain or in your pocket with ease. The multi-purpose flat tip tail  also acts as a mini pry tool.
Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.